Fundación Vedruna Sevilla has developed a strategic approach to the modernisation and internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training courses taught and promoting international mobility for students, for studies or for placements, and for staff, for teaching assignments or training Economic globalisation, international economic crisis and growth of unemployment, specially in Spain and Andalucía encourages employers, employees and independent entrepreneurs to extend their scope beyond the borders of their own countries.

VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING providers like Fundación Vedruna Sevilla should support them in this process by giving an international dimension to the learning content and establishing international
networks with partner institutions;

Through Erasmus for all, Fundación Vedruna Sevilla will can – through incentives, funding schemes (including use of the European Structural Funds) and the dissemination of best practices – to develop strategies for cross border cooperation in VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING, with the aim of fostering greater mobility of learners, teachers and trainers and other VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING professionals. So, we´ll promote VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING that allows, encourages and – preferably – integrates mobility periods, including work placements, abroad; Fundación Vedruna Sevilla will systematically use and promote European transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET and Europass to promote transnational mobility;

Fundación Vedruna Sevilla, at last, wants promote opportunities for language learning for both learners and teachers in VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING, and the provision of language training adapted to the specific needs of VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING, with a special emphasis on the importance of foreign languages for cross-border cooperation in VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING and international mobility.

Fundación Vedruna Sevilla establishes main objectives on the participants, first, short cycles students preferably and prioritizing work placements mobility for studies, and in terms of staff, first practical mobility before the teaching. On the raw geographic interest in Germany, Britain and France by the ease of preparation and elect linguistic institutions and partner companies or through consortium or interagency agreements.

Fundación Vedruna Sevilla’s objective is to utilise EU inter-institutional partnerships both in teaching and training cooperation projects. The focus being in the quality of mobility and accessibility of mobility for all learners and staff.

Longterm plans are drafted with regard to particular country slots, in order to be able to apply for cooperation project simplemented under the Programme. Participating in international cooperation projects serve the purpose of global responsibility and provides tools for quality assurance and better leadership. Our interest must be cooperate with a maximum of three carefully selected partnerinstitutions. But, at first, as new applicant in Erasmus Program, this objective can be secondary for us.

Fundación Vedruna Sevilla , as a new applicant of Erasmus Program expect a great increase attainment levels to providethe graduates and researchers Europe Needs. So, we hope get more number of students and more motivated for our courses thanks to our Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Also, we are sure that Erasmus will be an element of improving the quality and relevance of our higher education institution. Fundación Vedruna Sevilla’s strategy underlines the quality of teaching, which is ensured by offering academic staff members opportunities for professional development. Several measures, e.g. centres of excellence, a science award,pedagogical training, best teacher award, are currently used and could be further improved in international collaboration, in order to strengthen the competence and motivation of academic staff Fundación Vedruna Sevilla expects strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border co-operation. Learning mobility helps individuals increase their professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. One of our main objectives is ensure the efficient recognition of credits gained abroad through effective quality assurance, comparable and consistent use of ECTS and the Diploma Supplement, and by linking qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework.

In order to making the knowledge triangle work, linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development, Fundación Vedruna Sevilla expects stimulate the development of entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills in all courses taught and in all short cycles, and promote innovation in our higher education model through more interactive learning environments and strengthened knowledge transfer infrastructure.

At last, Fundación Vedruna Sevilla expects improving governance and funding in short cycles as results of participating asErasmus institution

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